We believe in data. The importance of financial/tax data analysis in a company is increasing. At inecop we offer the service of analysing such data, based on the most innovative tools of our IT partner Information Builders, together with our specific knowledge and experience.

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inecop · Performance Management Framework (PMF)

Performance Management Framework (PMF)

Every Company needs a Strategy to achieve Results. To achieve them, everyone must be focused on the same goal. When circumstances change, you need to measure how much your decisions will affect the goals you set. PMF, allows companies to align their strategy, analysis and initiatives so that everyone contributes in the same direction. With PMF you can establish objectives and degrees of compliance with respect to those objectives. PMF collects data from different sources such as: CRM, ERP, social networks, financial and online information systems, generating specific dashboards that analyze the company's performance.

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Customer relationship management (CRM)

It is developed with the objective of managing relationships with the client. The CRM is a way to develop the company from the knowledge of the customers, allowing to differentiate and segment them according to their preferences to give them the experience they expect. These acronyms, understood in depth, are synonymous with customer loyalty, understanding of market niches and business development.

inecop · Customer relationship management (CRM)

Our solution offers:

  • Implementation of the WebFOCUS platform of technological innovation.
  • Approach and customer loyalty.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Market research according to the customer's perspective.
  • Expansion of target audience.
  • Business scalability.
  • Flexibility and easy integration with existing systems.
  • Agility in decision making.
  • 360º vision of clients, suppliers and product catalogue.
  • Incident management.
  • Allows to carry out personalized campaigns.
  • Improve our product/service.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information, and information into knowledge, so that the decision making process in business can be optimized. With webFOCUS from Information Builders, we are able to provide different technological tools:

inecop · Business intelligence

The Balanced Scorecard (Management Information Network)

Also known as dashboard, it is a business control tool that allows the establishment and monitoring of the objectives of a company and its different areas or units.

It can also be considered as an application that helps a company to express the objectives and initiatives needed to fulfill its strategy, showing continuously when the company and the employees achieve the results defined in its strategic plan.

inecop · Sistema de Soporte a la Decisión (webFOCUS)

Decision Support System (webFOCUS)

It is a Business Intelligence tool focused on the analysis of an organization's data.

In principle, it may seem that data analysis is a simple process, and easy to achieve through a custom-made application or a sophisticated ERP. However, this is not the case: these applications usually have a series of predefined reports in which they present the information in a static way, but do not allow you to go deeper into the data, navigate between them, handle them from different perspectives... etc. (Financial reporting).

inecop · Sistema de Información para Ejecutivos

Executive Information System

It is a software tool, based on a webFOCUS, that provides managers with easy access to internal and external information about their company, and which is relevant to their key success factors.

The main purpose is that the executive has at his disposal a complete panorama of the state of the business indicators that affect him instantly, while also maintaining the possibility of analyzing in detail those that are not meeting the established expectations, in order to determine the most appropriate plan of action.

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