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What is EFA?
European Financial Analysis

The EFA project (European Financial Analysis) addresses the legal, fiscal and financial obligations of any company within the European territory from the data management of the company itself. The standardization of the European regulations allows to manage the data in a safe and reliable way to elaborate the project. The EFA project is not a product or a technology, it is a technology that allows us to implement a method to evaluate the complete Performance Management of the organization. In other words, it seeks to associate the individual professional personality of each of our managers with the company's overall business strategy. EFA makes it possible to systematically address those data that, due to their legal standardization and the high degree of standardization to which such information is subjected, and it is required with minimum criteria that their formalization and registration be exhaustively complied with, with the total responsibility for their content being assumed by the organization's management body.

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Our solution offers:

  • Entities that can clearly identify, articulate and carry out their strategic objectives will be prepared to compete and prosper.
  • Performance Management is the sum of the methodologies, measurement parameters, processes and technologies used to carry out the strategy, without neglecting the measurement systems, communication and execution.
  • Clear communication of strategy and objectives.
  • The creation of a culture of responsibility.
  • Compliance with all data access and information distribution requirements.
  • Involvement of as many people as possible in a closed performance management loop.
inecop · Valoración de empresas

Valuation of companies

The valuation of a company is fundamental for the purchase and sale of them.


Financial Reporting and Budgetary Control

inecop – WebFocus offers a total financial reporting solution for budget control that greatly reduces development time and maintenance costs while providing flexibility, accessibility and accuracy in budgeting. inecop - WebFocus provides up-to-the-minute information on current and future operations, measuring their performance and providing a degree of compliance. Taking into account budgeting planning, consolidation and forecasting, inecop - WebFocus is able to generate operational dashboards measuring performance and budgeting status at any time.

inecop · Reporting financiero y control presupuestario

Our solution offers: :

  • Planning, control and measurement of the budget and its results.
  • Intuitive and simple control panels, simplifying complex processes.
  • Forecast and review of results and variables.
  • Degrees of compliance with respect to expectations.
  • Flexibility in the face of internal and external factors.
  • Simplification and solution to Financial Reporting.
  • 100% business perspective.

Wealth-portfolio management

The increasing volatility of the markets requires a service focused on the management of changing risks and the adaptation of the product portfolio to the financial life cycle and to the investor profile of the client that changes according to the environment.

Our solution offers:

  • Monitoring of the profitability of the institution's products with respect to the competition and market benchmarking.
  • Financial performance/cost of the client's investment and financing product portfolio.
  • SMonitoring of the expected financial-tax profitability.
  • Continuous identification and monitoring of the client's investment profile (moderate, aggressive...) taking into account both its financial life cycle and its tax profile.
  • Adaptation of the product portfolio to the changing needs of clients and markets.
  • Adaptation of the product portfolio to the needs and acceptable risk level of the client, as well as the evolution trends of the markets.
  • Proactive and reactive advice.
inecop · Gestión de patrimonios-carteras
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Family assets

Management, analysis and valuation of family assets.

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