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We are an extension of your own company. At inecop you will find the support of experts, economists, tax specialists and financial analysts.

inecop · Análisis de riesgo fiscal

Tax risk analysis

The materialization of fiscal risks can have significant impacts on the fiscal result. Working, analysing and correctly executing a risk prevention plan appropriate to each company is the best prevention against possible risks.

inecop · Compliance Fiscal · Malgrat de Mar · Barcelona

Tax Compliance

The new UNE 19602 standard sets the standard for  tax compliance management systems.  This regulation is a self-regulation mechanism for companies that the Tax Agency can take into consideration as evidence to analyze the degree of compliance and cooperation, compliance and control of tax procedures and obligations.

Our solution offers:

  • Coverage of all regulatory requirements.
  • Monitored check-list of tax obligations..
  • Flexibility to all types of situations and actions.
  • Dashboards framed in tax compliance.
  • 100% documented audit evidence.
  • Personalized compliance alerts.
  • Specific dashboards on legal framework management.
inecop · Fusiones y adquisiciones

Mergers & Acquisitions

Operations of acquisition or merger of companies and all the taxation involved in the environment where it is done, will determine some variables for its taxation.

We propose solutions in each case

We think with the premises of your company to face challenges with the maximum guarantee of success for each project and circumstances.

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